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I get no video signal when I turn on the PC

Please make sure you have connected the PC to your monitor using the correct port on the back. If you have a dedicated gaming graphics card then this will be the ones that are nearer the bottom of the case rather than the ones on the motherboard.

I get a very weak wireless signal

Check to make sure you have connected the included wireless antenna onto the back of your PC. We remove these during transit.

When I try and turn on my PC nothing happens

Please check the main power switch on the back of the PC is set to on.

How do I update the graphics drivers?

Graphics drivers are constantly updated by the graphics card manufacturers. If you cant find the latest version on our Drivers page you can get the latest version from their websites below:

Using Windows

To learn more about Windows visit the Windows website at:

For customers using Windows 8.1 you can also click on the Help + Tips tile on the start screen to view a guide.

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